Per incident plan is specially designed for customers who want support on per incident basis. This covers the issues that can generally be resolved within an hour. Below are some of the issues that are covered under this plan.

Per Incident Support

Per Incident Support$75

USD one time

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  • Find spammer on server
  • Hacked server investigation
  • Server going down frequently
  • High load on server
  • Apache/MySQL failing
  • Install PHP/Apache modules
  • Fix website issues
  • Abuse Investigation
  • Package Upgrades
  • Clear logs and free disk space

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In order to give support ssh access to your server please download and run the Danami public SSH key install script:

Install the ssh public key (run these commands as root): rm -vf wget chmod +x ./ After the public key is installed make sure to allow our IP address ( access to the Plesk interface and to your SSH port (usually port 22) if you are behind a firewall. The support technician will also need to know your servers public IP address and SSH port number.
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Any changes in the server configuration require root access level. A support tech public SSH key can be downloaded and installed from the downloads area here:
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