Warden Antispam & Virus Protection Extension for Plesk

With Warden Antispam and Virus protection, you get the best of both worlds. Open source standards for mail scanning from Spamassassin and ClamAV combined with deep integration with the Plesk control panel.

Warden super charges Spamassassin by providing deep integration with Plesk and enabling all of the most effective Spamassassin plugins. The ClamAV open source multi-threaded scanner daemon detects trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious threats. Extended signatures provide protection against Phishing, Scam, Casino, porn and other general spam.

Warden Antispam & Virus Protection

With support for over 15 Spamassassin plugins, database logging, custom rule builder, multi-mailbox management, rich reporting, and multi-role access, Warden provides you with the most robust, extendable antispam and antivirus solution anywhere.

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Juggernaut Security and Firewall Extension for Plesk

Juggernaut Security and Firewall provides Plesk administrators with a state of the art iptables firewall, login failure daemon, modsecurity audit log viewer, intrusion detection and security application that is straight-forward and flexible.

The firewall performs stateful packet inspection to keep track of the state of network connections traveling across it. The login failure daemon monitors authentication logs across multiple protocols searching for invalid login attempts. When the number of failed login attempts for a protocol is reached the login failure daemon will tell the firewall to block the offending IP address for both inbound and outbound connections.


Juggernaut supports IPsets allowing you to block long lists of IP addresses without worrying about killing system resources or causing network congestion. Unlike normal iptables chains, which are stored and traversed linearly, IP sets are stored in indexed data structures, making lookups very efficient, even when dealing with large sets.

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Power Tools Professional Extension for Plesk

Save time and money with Power Tools Pro for Plesk! Power Tools provides Plesk administrators with tools to perform DNS record and whois lookups, password recovery, RBL checks, DNS difference checks, view and export reports, create and update email addresses in bulk.

These tools were written as a result of working with Plesk for over 10 years. Many times the system administrator needs to lookup information for many domains or perform repetitive tasks. These tools leverage the data stored in the Plesk database and put it in the hands of the system administrator. Gone are the days of manually running complex SQL queries to try and get at the data!

Powertools Professional

Power Tools Professional allows you to view reports directly in the panel or export report data to CSV for import into a spreadsheet. You can even write your own custom reports using our easy to use plugin system.

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