Leased Licensing Terms (Admin, Pro, and Host Editions)

Your leased license entitles you to the use of a product as long as your license subscription is active (one license per-server, per-month). Additionally, your licensed license includes access to online support and a software upgrade subscription qualifying you for the receipt of new product releases free of charge.

Your product will cease to function as soon as your license expires.

Owned Licensing Terms (Enterprise Editions)

Your owned license entitles you to the use of a product (one license per-server). Additionally, your owned license includes an initial one year of online support and software upgrades qualifying you for the receipt of new product releases free of charge.

To stay current with the new product releases and to get support you should renew your upgrade subscription annually. You can renew your upgrade subscription at the discounted upgrade subscription price during your upgrade subscription term or within one year upon its expiration. Regardless of the actual upgrade subscription renewal date, your new software update subscription term will always start on the date following your previous software update subscription expiration date.

Upgrade subscription renewal is optional. However, if you do not renew your upgrade subscription within 1 year upon expiration of the previous upgrade subscription term, you will not be able to renew your upgrade subscription any more and a new license purchase at the full license price will be needed to use then-current version of the product. Stand-alone upgrades to particular versions of the product are not available.

We do not provide support for licenses that have let their software upgrade subscription expire.

Domain Limits

All domains added in Plesk are counted towards your domain limit indicated on your Danami license:

  • active domains
  • disabled domains
  • domains with forwarding hosting type
  • domains without hosting

Note: You cannot pick and choose what domains apply to your license. Subdomains and domain aliases are not counted for domain limit if they were created with Add Subdomain or Add Domain Alias in Domains > The whole server is protected regardless of which license you choose. The license domain limits just allow users with few domains to pay less than a hosting company who might have thousands of domains on a single shared server.

Canceling your License

We allow you to cancel your license at any time directly though our client area. You can login to the Danami client area and press the red cancel button on any of the products you would like to cancel. You have the option to cancel your license immediately or at the end of your current billing cycle.

Transferring your License

Owned licenses are eligible to be transferred 120 days after purchase, must be active with an active software update subscription, and not have been transferred previously.


Pricing for our products can change at any time however pricing is set when you first make your purchase and start your subscription. We do not alter the pricing of an active subscription once a subscription has been started.