How can I fix the error: Class 'pm_Context' not found (Loader.php:32)

Jugggernaut 2.X
This is fixed in Juggernaut 2.0+. If using Juggernaut 1.X then we recommmend that you upgrade to version 2.

Juggernaut 1.X
1. You might have Plesk internal debugging enabled. Check that debugging is enabled in /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/panel.ini. It is not compatabile with Juggernaut 1.X debugging and should never be used in production so you must disable it.
If the panel.ini file doesn't exist then it could be that you have debugging enabled in the database. You can disable it with the command:

MYSQL_PWD=`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` mysql -u admin psa -e "replace into misc(param, val) values('debug_util_exec', 'false');"
2. You are blocking Russia on the firewall which blocks Plesks license checks. Plesk changed the license server hostname so we must update it on the firewall.
  • Disable the firewall on the command line with the command: csf -x
  • Force update the license key with the command: plesk bin license --retrieve
  • Re-enable the firewall with the command: csf -e
  • Whitelist the license check server by logging into Juggernaut and go to Allow -> Allow DynDNS -> Press the advanced button. Change the Plesk license checks entry from to then save and restart the firewall and login failure daemon.
  • Make sure the dynamic dns update interval is set to a reasonable value by going to Block Lists & DynDNS -> DynDNS update interval -> set to 3600 seconds save and restart the firewall and login failure daemon.
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