How do I fix the error: Mysql Server has gone away?

When looking at the mail log of the server you see this log entry from Amavis:

Aug  3 01:00:20 el7p17 amavis[114160]: (114160-02) NOTICE: reconnecting in response to: err=2006, HY000, DBD::mysql::st execute failed: MySQL server has gone away at (eval 130) line 173.

Amavis tries to use a persistent connection to mariadb but the server has dropped the mariadb connection so Amavis has to try again to re-establish the connection.

How to Fix:

Check that wait_timeout mysql variable in your /etc/my.cnf configuration file is large enough (don't forget to also check for the value in your /etc/my.cnf.d/ directory overriding the default). It is recommended that you set the variable to its default value within the [mysqld] section:

wait_timeout = 28800

Restart MariaDB:

systemctl restart mariadb

Once you’ve made these changes, and restarted your MariaDB server, the issue should be fixed.

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