What level of experience do I need to install and effectively use Juggernaut Security and Firewall?

Juggernaut Firewall is recommended for users who are looking for the very best firewall and brute force protection for their Plesk Control Panel.

1. We have eased the learning curve required by providing default configurations for each setting. Administrators can easily see what options are non-default values and revert back to them with one easy click.
2. Every configuration option also has a "smart help" dialog that explains each setting in detail with just a hover of the mouse. 
3. Clicking on the help link on each page will take you to the help section in our online documentation where you can get detailed help information for that section.

Note: We also provide free installation and configuration for all products. Just open a support ticket after your purchase to have an experienced technication handle your installation with no downtime or disruptions.
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