How can I fix the error: The licensing server was invalid or could not be reached ?

Many times this error can be fixed by restarting the Plesk panel:

/etc/init.d/psa restart

Make sure your openssl and curl packages are up to date:

// Centos / RHEL
yum update openssl curl

// Debian / Ubuntu
apt-get update  openssl curl

You can run the following command to see if your server can connect to the licensing server. You should get a response of Verify return code: 0 (ok) if the connection was successful.

openssl s_client -connect

If you get the error:

openssl s_client -connect - returns:
socket: Bad file descriptor

Make sure that you aren't blocking the licensing server IP addresses: IPv4 and IPv6 2607:5300:60:2106:: Imunify360 is known to block our server IPs for some reason.

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