We are pleased to announce the release of Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection 3.05 under General Availability. All users are encouraged to upgrade. This release has passed Plesk certification and is now available in the Plesk extension directory.

[+] Added ARM architecture support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.
[+] Added SpamAssassin 4.0 for RHEL/AlmaLinux/CloudLinux/RockyLinux 8 and 9 to the danami-warden repository.
[+] Added a new page under Settings -> Content Filter Settings -> Scanner Settings where admins can manage the Amavis @av_scanners and @av_scanners_backup options.
[+] Added a subgrid to the reject log for messages that are rejected by Amavis.
[+] Added a $logline_maxlen option with a default of 2000 to the Amavis config to prevent Amavis from wrapping line entries when Amavis is in verbose mode.
[+] Added a delete reputation data after option with a default of 365 days under Settings -> Log Maintenance -> Log Settings. This will prune AWL or TxRep reputation data from the database nightly.
[+] Added new X-Relay-Countries rule templates so that admins can score mail relayed through specific countries higher or lower. See here for more information.
[+] Added a nightly task to check that the ports used by Razor, Pyzor, and DCC are opened properly on the Plesk firewall.
[=] Updated the installer to handle Plesk firewall extension changes in Plesk 18.0.52.
[=] The KAM ruleset will once again have free use of the PCCC WILD RBL.
[=] Updated the services widget to hide the Anti-virus service if it has been masked (disabled) from the command line.
[=] Updated the anti-spam rules validation to not allow rule names starting with a number as they are not supported by SpamAssassin.
[=] Lowered the time needed to train multiple quarantined messages.
[=] Improved the mail parser when viewing mail in the queue and quarantine areas.
[=] Installer improvements.
[-] PHP 8.2 compatibility fixes.

To Upgrade
The upgrade is available to all active license holders.

1. Login to your Plesk panel and click on Extensions -> Updates -> Select the Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection extension then press the update button. You can view the upgrade process using the command: tail -f /var/log/plesk/panel.log

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Thursday, May 18, 2023

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