Our system administrators will actively protect and manage your servers for a fraction of the time and energy required to try and manage it yourself. You get to spend your time doing what you are good at - creating websites, launching new projects, and running your business.

Our team will remotely handle all of your servers technical issues involving configuration, server optimization, and security - all bundled with 24/7 server monitoring.

Server Management

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  • Downtime response
  • Software updates
  • Configuration management
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Cancel at any time

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Plesk Experts

Our system administrators have been working with Plesk Panel more than 15 years. Panel updates are applied when they are stable and are fully tested by the administrator.

Server Optimization

Server Optimization

Our system administrators will tune the services running on your server. Optimizations include Kernel, Apache, Nginx, and MySQL services. Un-needed services will be disabled allocating resources where they are needed.

Software Updates

Software Updates

Get managed software updates to your servers operating system and Plesk Panel. Updated configuration files are merged so changes are never lost while always staying up to date.

Get Advice

Get Advice

Configuration suggestions and any potential server issues are identified and relayed to the customer. Any questions are answered promptly though our support ticket system.

External Monitoring

External Monitoring

External uptime monitoring is setup for the server and is polled at regularly at 5 minute intervals. Both the admin and customer are notified the moment any downtime happens so the admin can take appropriate action.

Server Security Audit

Security Auditing

Your server is audited, secured, then routinely scanned for malware. Security updates are applied within 24 hours of critical upgrade release.

In order to give support ssh access to your server please download and run the Danami public SSH key install script:

To install our public key using our install script (run these commands as root): rm -vf danami_public_key.sh wget https://www.danami.com/clients/downloads/danami_public_key.sh chmod +x danami_public_key.sh ./danami_public_key.sh Our public key can also be downloaded and installed manually: rm -f support@danami.com.pub wget https://www.danami.com/clients/downloads/support@danami.com.pub cat support@danami.com.pub >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys No SSH Access
If you cannot provide SSH access many times we can still provide support if you install the SSH Terminal extension in the Plesk extension directory. Important
1. Make sure to allow our IP addresses ( access to the Plesk interface and to the SSH port if you are behind a firewall.
2. The support technician will also need to know your servers public IP address and SSH port number.
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Pro-rata billing refers to being charged or receiving part or proportion of a fee or benefit on your bill. When you sign up for a product that uses Pro-rata billing you will be assigned to one of our standard billing cycles. When you receive your first invoice you'll see that it will be calculated based on the number of days between your sign-up date and the date of this billing cycle (inclusive). This is commonly known as a pro-rata amount. Future invoices will show the full standard monthly amount, unless you make further changes to your account.

Prorated items are usually billed on the first of the month. If your purchase falls before the 21st day then your first bill will be calculated for the remainder of the month. If your purchase is on the 21st or after then your first bill will be calculated for the remainder of the month and the next additional month.
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Any changes in the server configuration require root access level. A support tech public SSH key can be downloaded and installed from the downloads area here:  https://www.danami.com/clients/knowledgebase/18/How-to-I-install-the-Danami-public-SSH-key-and-give-a-support-technician-access-to-my-server.html
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Supported Operating Systems

CentOS 8.x, CentOS 7.x, CentOS 6.x, Cloudlinux 7.x, CloudLinux 6.x, RedHat Enterprise Linux 8.x, RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.x, RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.x

Supported Plesk Versions

Plesk 18.x, Plesk 17.x