Can I whitelist my IP address even though its dynamic?

Juggernaut firewall does support whitelisting fully qualified domain names. To whitelist your IP so you never get blocked by the firewall or login failure daemon:

1. Sign up to a free dynamic DNS service (most home routers support this directly though the router). eg:
2. To whiteist your new FQDN on the firewall:  Add your new FQDN you created to: Allow -> Dynamic DNS. Restart the firewall.
3. To whiteist your new FQDN on the login failure daemon: Add your new FQDN you created to: Ignore -> Ignore rDNS. Restart the login failure daemon.

You can set how often the login failure daemon will check the FDQN for IP address changes under Settings -> Block Lists & DynDNS -> .

The login failure daemon which checks the DNS resolution of the FQDN then whitelists the ip address in the firewall and ignores any blocks detected from that ip address.

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