What is automated backup? (VPS Cloud only)

OVH offers you an automated backup feature specifically designed to manage backups in KVM | OpenStack. It will give you great autonomy and allow you to manage your archives using an automated process over a 14-day cycle.
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Where are the VPSs located?

The servers are hosted in the North Amertican OVH datacenters.

What usage is allowed on VPS? Will it be shut down if I use too many resources?

You are free to use your virtual machine as you wish and to install on it the software of your...

How do I migrate the content from a web hosting plan to a VPS?

It's up to you to migrate your data and applications on to the VPS and to reconfigure the DNS zone.

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Does the VPS have a dedicated IP address?

Every VPS comes with a dedicated public IPv4 address. You can also add up to 16 additional...