We are pleased to announce the release of Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection 1.12 under General Availability. This is a major release and all users are encouraged to upgrade. This release has passed Plesk certification and is now available in the Plesk extension directory.

SpamAssassin 4.0.0 and ClamAV 0.101.0 Support

We've added full support for the upcoming SpamAssassin 4.0.0 including the new plugins HashBL, ResourceLimits, Phishing and FromNameSpoof. We now have updated SpamAssassin packages for Centos 7 users available here: https://docs.danami.com/warden/basics/rpm-repository

  • HashBL - Search email addresses in the msbl.org blacklists.
  • ResourceLimits - Limit the memory / CPU usage of child spamd processes.
  • Phishing - Check URIs against Openphish and PhishTank phishing feeds.
  • FromNameSpoof - Perform various tests to detect spoof attempts using the From: header name section.


New SpamAssassin Plugins

We've added support for the SpamAssassin plugins RelayCountry, URILocalBL, WhiteListSubject, VBounce, DecodeShortURLs and OLEMacro. The new RelayCountry plugin is very good as it uses geolocation so you can score email relayed though bad countries with higher scores.

  • RelayCountry - Add metadata to the Bayesian filtering process, allowing the Bayesian filters to learn information based on countries.
  • URILocalBL - Blacklist URIs using local country and CIDR information.
  • WhiteListSubject - Whitelist or blacklist by Subject: header.
  • VBounce - Aid in rescuing genuine bounces.
  • DecodeShortURLs - Decode shortened URLs in messages then add the URLs to a list of URIs which can then be scored and accessed by other plug-ins. (experimental).
  • OLEMacro - Use several methods to search attached documents for evidence of an OLE Macro. (experimental).


Multiple SpamAssassin Config File Support

We've added multiple config file (.cf) support to the Rules area. This allows you to separate your rules into multiple files to keep complex rule sets organized.

Multiple Configs

New Reports

We've added new reports including mailbox disk usage, mailbox overages, sender domain and TLDs reports. Now its easy to see what mailboxes on the server are over their disk limit!

Disk Usage Report

New Rule Actions

The rules grid now has new actions for updating rules (sa-update) and compiling rules (sa-compile).

Rules Update

SpamAssassin Perl Dependency Warnings

We've made improvements to making sure that SpamAssassin is in good working order. The Anti-spam Plugin Settings page will now display warnings for any missing Perl modules with links to how to install the missing modules.

Perl Dependency Warning

Date Range Filtering

All the reporting has been updated so that you can click and filter on the date rage for the report. This allows you to see exactly what email was logged for that date.

Date Range Filtering


[+] Added SpamAssassin 4.00 and ClamAV 0.101.0 support.
[+] Added support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver).
[+] Added support for the SpamAssassin plugins HashBL, ResourceLimits, Phishing and FromNameSpoof (SpamAssassin 3.4.2+ is required).
[+] Added support for the SpamAssassin plugins RelayCountry, URILocalBL, WhiteListSubject, VBounce, DecodeShortURLs (experimental) and OLEMacro (experimental).
[+] Added SpamAssassin dependency packages to the installer for RHEL/Centos (perl-Encode perl-Encode-Detect perl-Net-DNS perl-BSD-Resource perl-DBD-SQLite perl-libwww-perl perl-Archive-Zip perl-IO-String).
[+] Added SpamAssassin dependency packages to the installer for Debian/Ubuntu (libencode-perl libencode-detect-perl libnet-dns-perl libbsd-resource-perl libdbd-sqlite3-perl libwww-perl libarchive-zip-perl libio-string-perl).
[+] Added multiple config file (.cf) support to the Rules area.
[+] Added the email lookup tool for the Sender and Recipient Envelope columns in the Spam log.
[+] Added new reports (Sender Domain, Sender TLD, Sender Envelope, Sender Mailer, Client rDNS, Mailbox Disk Usage, Mailbox Disk Usage Over Limit).
[+] Added a check to the updater to fix SELinux labels on compiled rules if the Rule2XSBody plugin is enabled.
[+] Added a message select list search dropdown to the Mail Reject Log grid.
[+] Added button actions Update (sa-update) and Compile(sa-compile) to the Rules grid.
[=] Removed the rule override options from the Anti-spam Settings page. If you want to override a rule score then enter it using the Rules page.
[=] Updated the Anti-spam Plugin Settings pages to load and save to <plugin_name>.cf config files if they exist otherwise use the local.cf file.
[=] Updated the Anti-spam Plugin Settings page to display warnings for any missing Perl modules.
[=] Updated the Anti-spam rule parser to save plugin rules within ifplugin statements and remove ifplugin statements if they are empty.
[=] Updated most of the options for TxRep plugin settings to be select lists to make them easier to understand.
[=] Updated the installer to set disable Txrep and Bayes auto learn for outgoing email.
[=] Updated the default setting from `pyzor_timeout 3.5` to `pyzor_timeout 10.0` to prevent pyzor: error: TERMINATED, signal 15 (000f) errors in the mail log.
[=] Updated the email lookup tool for the POP3/IMAP log and SMTP Auth Log.
[=] Updated the Domains and Mailboxes grids to now filter logs by the date range you have set.
[=] Updated the reports to now filter logs by the date range that you searched on.
[=] Updated the email autosuggest used in grids to support entries starting and ending with @.
[=] Updated the blacklist and whitelist textareas for mailboxes and domains to make sure that they auto-resize when multiple entries are added.
[=] Updated the mailbox reputation table data to sort by the highest count and to only display data with a count greater than 1.
[=] Updated the domains and mailboxes statistics search fields from date to date and time.
[=] Updated the default search date for the spam and virus logs from the last 30 to 15 days.
[=] Updated the Italian language translations. Thanks Ballestri!
[=] Updated the German language translations. Thanks Dennis!
[=] Updated the uninstaller to make sure that the Warden, Pyzor, and Razor2 plugins are disabled in the SpamAssassin config after uninstalling.
[-] Fixed bug with Spam and Ham language report URLs not searching the spam log properly.
[-] Fixed bug where SpamAssassin debug would report Mail::SPF missing even though perl-Mail-SPF was installed.
[-] Fixed bug where the wrong menu was being used for the recipient and Client rDNS in the spam log reducing its functionality.
[-] Fixed bug where the ClamAV virus_action database logging script would not have the correct ownership set by the installer on first run.
[-] Fixed bug where Spam Analysis would not log and display correctly when the SpamAssassin locale was not set to English.
[-] Fixed bug where courier-imaps and courier-pop3s log lines were not showing up in the POP3/IMAP Log.
[-] Fixed bug with the Spam Rule report not working.

To Upgrade
The upgrade is available to all active license holders.

1. Login to your Plesk panel and click on Extensions -> Updates -> Select the Warden Antispam and Virus Protection extension then press the update button. You can view the upgrade process using the command: tail -f /var/log/plesk/panel.log

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Friday, December 14, 2018

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