We are pleased to announce the release of Juggernaut-1.42 under General Availability. Make sure to update to CSF 10.07 before you upgrade. This release adds a web server access and error log viewer to the logs area.

Web Access Log Viewer
Juggernaut now supports viewing and searching though your web servers access logs. Both Apache and Nginx uncompressed and compressed access logs are fully supported. We've also added pre-defined search templates for seaching for different status codes and request methods.

Web Access Log

Web Error Log Viewer

Our error log viewer supports both Apache and Nginx error logs. Pre-defined search templates allow you to search for different error severities. Mod Security users will love the ability to exclude mod_security errors in your search results.
Firewall Profiles

To upgrade

The upgrade is available to all active license holders. You can upgrade Juggernaut though the Plesk interface by clicking on Juggernaut Firewall -> Settings -> Panel Application -> Application Update

Full changelog

Sunday, May 14, 2017

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